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1. Authentic Singing Bowls

You're not going to find many local stores that sell singing bowls, let alone authentic ones. We may not have the widest variety, but that's because our singing bowls are handmade in Nepal (not cheap, mass-produced copies made in Hong Kong). Hand hammered with authentic, healing metals that represent the 7 planetary influences, our Himalayan singing bowls look as great as they sound and are the finest you will find!

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While other retailers like to tack on extra fees for shipping right at the end of the checkout process, we offer free shipping on every singing bowl we carry. The price you see on the product page is the price you'll pay ... period! After you've placed your order, we'll typically get your order shipped out & delivered within a week.

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4. Top-Notch Customer Service

For us, singing bowls aren't just an "afterthought" we've decided to add to our catalog to generate a few more sales. We only manufacture genuine, high quality singing bowls, so we know them well! If you have any questions about a product you have your eye on or need help selecting a singing bowl, please don't hesitate to Contact Us or start up a live chat!

Simply the Best Authentic Singing Bowls Made!

Made in the Himalayan region, singing bowls have been a focal part of Buddhism and meditation since ancient times. When played with a wooden striker, they emit a soothing, contemplative tone that is said to release mantras, aid healing and increase self-awareness. Used for centuries in monasteries, they are now available for home use to aid in meditation.

We could do what so many other companies do - find the cheapest place in China to create knock-offs and then sell them as the real thing, but doing so would not only result in an inferior product, but would be counter to the nature of this age-old meditative aid.

No, our singing bowls are the real thing. They are handmade in the Himalayan region by actual Nepalese craftsmen. While crafting each bowl, mantras are chanted, releasing them into the universe every time the bowl is played.

Each Tibetan singing bowl produces a slightly different tone, based on the bowl's size, weight and thickness. Collect several to produce different tones, releasing the Kundalini energy that is coiled up inside of your chakra, waiting to be released!

And of course, the beauty is not just in the sound. Every one of our authentic singing bowls is beautiful to look at and sure to be a conversation piece.

All of our Himalayan singing bowls are shipped from the U.S., so that you can get your order right away, without having to wait weeks, and they Ship Free. In addition, right now we are offering a free cushion with all of our singing bowls - select from six different shapes and colors!

We also want to be here for you if you need us and encourage you to Contact Us for any reason. We love helping people!